Primary Hydration is a Wellness Medical Spa dedicated to providing you with a luxurious customer experience.

We cater to the working moms suffering from exhaustion, travel nurses experiencing jet lag and also mothers or any women who are suffering from stubborn body fat. We aren’t just your average wellness spa, with our certified registered nurse practitioner we will provide the optimal plan to cater to your every need.

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iv bag

IV Therapy

It’s been a secret amongst actors, NFL players, and musicians for years. But it’s not just for celebrities anymore. We’re bringing IV Therapy to the masses so everyone can enjoy the amazing health benefits. IV hydration therapies are designed to quickly & efficiently:

  • Increase Energry
  • Improve Mood
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Diminishes Jet Lag
  • Detoxifies Unwanted Chemicals
  • Promotes Speedy Recovery
  • Enhances Athletic Performance

Weight Loss Injection

Looking to shed some pounds? Our Mic (LipoB) Injections promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism, curbing appetite, and eliminating fat from dietary intake from the liver.


Non Invasive Body Contouring

Give yourself the body you deserve with treatments that blast away fat and don’t require you to go under the knife. Non-surgical body contouring gives you a sexy shape without any surgery or downtime. Primary Hydration offers 3 different modalities Laser Lipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radiofrequency Skin tightening. Combine one or all of these services with our medical supervised weight loss program and you are destined to have the body of your dreams.



On a time crunch but still needing a boost? Using a small syringe and water soluble vitamins, we inject pure vitamins straight into the muscle. Our injections are so quick and easy, that you can get in and get out, even on your lunch break.

Improve your mood, skin & wellbeing with a vitamin shot.
Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-6, and more!

weight loss

Supervised Medical Weight Loss Programs

At Primary Hydration we are now offering supervised medical weight loss. You will receive a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from our wonderful providers. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Although our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight quickly and easily, the focus of care is to allow you to maintain your weight loss so that you will not put the weight back on after you complete our medical weight loss program.

concierge services

Concierge Services

Can't come to us? Too hungover? Bedridden with the flu? Or maybe you just want to stay at home and have a lazy Sunday. We get it. We also know that your medical needs don't stop when you are unable to make it into the office.

Sit back and relax and feel secure that your health care needs will continue to be satisfied with our concierge services.