Primary Hydration was created by myself, Sakeena Spencer. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice with specialty in emergency medicine. In addition to my career I am a wife and a mom of three. Juggling all aspects of my life I use to find myself exhausted, drained, burned out, and eating unhealthy on the go meals which led to weight gain. I too saw myself on the internet looking for quick fixes to help regain my energy and help with my stubborn body fat. On the voyage in finding my resolution I found myself on the road to entrepreneurship and didn’t know it.

It has always been my passion to provide luxury concierge health and wellness services with education on good preventative care in maintaining a healthy body weight. Once taking steps to take action on my dream Primary Hydration was born.

Working in the emergency department I have seen many patients come and go for hangovers, migraines, nausea and vomiting to dehydration symptoms, and symptoms of fatigue. They would have to wait several hours to be seen to only receive simple IV hydration and discharged home with a huge bill to match. When creating Primary Hydration the overall goal was to provide adequate care whether it is IV Hydration, weight loss management or body contouring services that everyone can afford.