Get Bodied Box!


Get Bodied Kit!



Do you feel unhappy with your body and, more accurately, your stomach?

Aren’t you sick and tired of having a flabby belly and stretch marks, despite all the weight loss, dieting and exercise you’ve tried?

Would you like to try an effective and affordable way to detoxify your body and get a slimmer and more toned stomach?

Well, you’re in luck! This Get Bodied Kit may just be exactly what you need!

Primary Hydration Get Bodied Kit, is the perfect gift or waist training kit to prepare you for new year. Set yourself up for win and obtain the body of your dreams

  • kit comes with our reusable detox sauna wrap
  • Double belted waist trainer that covers your whole torso
  • thermal active hot gel
  • Iaso Detox Tea to cut the bloating
  • Guaranteed to loss inches fast!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 cm


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